Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swiffer 360° Duster

Swiffer 360° Duster

I am a member of

 Vocalpoint was doing an offer to have people try the Swiffer 360° Duster and
then write a review on their site about it.

I signed up to try one, and review it. :)

I got it not to long after that in the mail, and I also got to keep it!

When I first used the Swiffer 360° Duster I thought it was amazing! I started dusting everything such as the top of the T.V., in the entertainment center, on top of shelves, and much more!

I use it eveytime I need to dust something. 
The dust sticks to it very well, and you don't have to go over the same spot. You just brush the Swiffer 360° Duster over the dusty spot and no more dust! 

It works really great with dusting blinds too. Because it's 360° it cleans both sides of your blinds at the same time. 

You can also fit it into small places which comes in handy.

The Swiffer 360° Duster works wonders, and I am very pleased with it.

I would recommend it for everyone to use!

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