Saturday, June 2, 2012

Be Enchanted™

Be Enchanted™
Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection

Shimmer Mist

I  received this Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection Shimmer Mist called Be Enchanted as a gift for Christmas from my fiance's mother last year.

It is a very attractive product. 

Be Enchanted is a pretty light purple color in the bottle. It tons of little sparkles in it, and when you rub it around on your skin the sparkles stay on you which I absolutely love!

It is scented with a sparkling blend of iced pomegranate and sugared petals which smells really good!
It is a very girly smell. It's kind of a fruity scent. I personally really enjoy it. It's not to light, or to strong.
The scent stays on for a while which I love. I have had people compliment me on the way I smell when I wear it.

Something I really love about Be Enchanted is this product is not tested on animals. It clearly states it in the back of the bottle. I am a huge animal lover so that is something that makes me feel very positive about this product. 

So if your looking for a good smelling Shimmer mist, and you like sparkles this is the product I would recommend for you. 

I would recommend it for anyone! :)

This is a product that I would strongly consider buying.